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What Good May Come

As the time just seems to be going by and the months on the calendar are just flipping over, I realize just how long we have been in "The Divine Time Out". Memories seem to fade away from just a couple of months ago. I was in Sedona in mid-February and it seems like it was last year. I am full of appreciation that we got away when we did. Spirit knows that I needed the break before I started with this round of busyness. Why do I ever doubt that voice? I may not know the why but I always pay attention as Spirit has the overview - always. 

Although we may all have our moments of complaining, there's a lot of good coming out of this time. I have been blessed to see it in my own family. Everyone seems to have more patience with each other and seems to be actually looking for what others need before their own needs. Those who are close to me have been actually reading my mind, seeing what I need considering it’s such a busy time for me. I can’t tell you how much it’s appreciated.

If we stay conscious of looking for the good that could come or is coming and where we put our attention, energy grows. Remember that energy always follows thought. If our thoughts are moving in the right direction and they're positive, then you will attract more good to you. 

Start an experiment. Every day that you go to complain about something, STOP yourself in your tracks and name something good that has come out of this time, or the potential good that could come out of this time. We have a gazillion probable realities out there; let’s imagine the best ones. After all, we can dream as big as we want. We have plenty of time to use our imagination to pick the best things, not only personally but worldly as well. What would it look like to see a world healed with everyone getting along? No more separation, no more violence, no world hunger, etc. 

Start with your life and expand it out. Dream a little dream with me……...

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