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About Me

My Vision

My vision is to be a guide on the path of self-discovery for those looking to find their life purpose.

By creating a safe place for one to do their work, often people can see other possibilities that they never knew they had. I help you to uncover the gifts that were always there, as part of your Divine expression of your soul.

My Mission

My mission is to assist my clients as a mid-wife to their Soul! My dedication is taking a heart-centered approach in assisting you into self-empowerment, and discovery of truth wherever you may be on life's path. I encourage you in taking responsibility in your life by introducing and cultivating a relationship with your Inner Knower. By this process you will find answers to those important questions.....Why am I here?.....What is my purpose?.... How can I live in a more balanced, joyful life and really make a difference in the world?

"I believe everyone can embrace who they are, define their future,

and change the world." - Brenda Edwards

About Me

My name is Brenda Edwards, and I have been a heart centered entrepreneur for over 35 years. I have gathered and shared much of my wisdom as a messenger of spiritual principles, truth, and transformation. My gifts of insight and intuition were awakened at age 16 from a car accident during my first Near Death Experience. Since then, I always knew I was here to assist people on their spiritual path of unfoldment. I offer my unwavering faith, belief, devotion, and love as a way to support one on their path, wherever they may be.

I am trained in many different modalities in the intuitive and spiritual arts. I have been the co-founder of Quantum Life Management Center for over 19 years until it recently changed form, and has been brought online. I offer mediumship, Life Path Readings, and tarot readings as well. I am available as a channel, teacher, and workshop facilitator. Being a spiritual life coach for over 25 years, has led me to discover my current passion, DreamBuilder Coaching, and Life Mastery Consultant, in which I assist people all over the world to live their best life!

How Can I Help You On Your Life's Journey?

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