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DreamBuilder Program


Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder Coaching program is based on 10 proven, powerful principles that will change your life! Are you tired of living a ho hum life? Are you ready to maximize your potential? Are you ready to take a quantum leap and be open to miracles? If so, than I am the right coach and this is the right program for you. The DreamBuilder program is a proven system, that helps one to remove the blockages and paradigms that have kept you stuck, up until now. This 12 week system will help you transform your life into living the fullest example of your dream. You will receive 16 audio lessons, a meditation audio, and  a downloadable guide book. We will talk once a week, and the good news is that I work on the phone with people all over the world. Call and let your miracles begin today!

Contact me for information on pricing.

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