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Needing A Respite?

In these crazy energies, it is important to have time for ourselves to just balance out.

Unfortunately, we continue to move at a crazy pace taking no consideration for ourselves. What if we could regroup? It’s not so important as to how much time we give ourselves, as to giving ourselves little breaks when we need one. This resets the whole nervous system and allows us to carry on for another day or two. Sometimes the break is a nap, a swim in the pool, putting yourself in a meditative time out, or ten minutes to breathe deeply. The point is that we need to take little breaks throughout the day to reset. By putting the energy and awareness back on ourselves, we can cope better with what we need in the moment.

Another way is to take a longer respite. With the end of Summer coming up fast, it is so important to change the scenery. Sometimes just by getting out of the house and taking a long weekend to your favorite place can help carry you over the hump. I believe that the ocean or a lake is extremely helpful. If you emerge your whole body in the water, the ocean will reset you. Many of us haven’t really taken a Summer vacation yet, so make those plans even if it’s for the day and make it happen!

Your energy system needs the reboot!

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