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Multidimensional Realities

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s time for a conscious shift in our realities. Currently, everything is pushing us to shift and make different choices about what we want and need in all our relationships, our careers, our health and well being and so much more.

We are being rotor rooted from the inside out. Old matrix programs are now null in void, as we struggle to find our way to create new ones. We must think of ourselves as an old computer program that needs to be deleted. Most of us are not willing to let go easily. Us humans hold onto things long beyond their time. What would happen if we could trust the natural process of letting go? All of us will have to go through this process, one way or another. We can either go gently or kicking and screaming. It’s ultimately our choice.

Multi-Dimensional Realities can be tricky to navigate. It can feel from moment to moment like you are in two worlds or even in between them. When things come up for you it is the fear trying to leave your body and old reality. Fear is your light body activating. It has to clear out before a new higher conscious program can come in by raising your vibration and allowing for your spiritual upgrade. Your physical body has to clean out as well. By clearing out all lower emotions, we can help assist our bodies and make for a gentler landing. The human programming is assisted by connecting with your Angels and guides, having a lot of quiet time and getting in nature.

The heart is the key to opening up and assisting the change. By being conscious of opening the heart, the past data banks that have been stored in the cells will start to fall by the wayside.

Don’t question the process, get clear on the new and improved you that you want to be and enjoy the ride. We’re all going to get there eventually!


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