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The Ground Crew

I was meditating and what came to me is we have to think of ourselves as the ground crew for Spirit. If we could only see everything and everyone who is assisting us with our Ascension we would be shocked. Whether we want to admit it or not folks, we are not the only life form. There are many unconditionally loving beings that have come from far away who are assisting us to make the leap. We are not the only planet who has done this before and many are eager to see how we navigate through these changes as we are being asked to change just about everything in our lives, and our world. The good news is we have most of it behind us and I believe that the best is yet to come. Spirit keeps telling me that it has to play out with the dark and the light. I know that the light will win out.

Think of what a ground crew does. A ground crew is a team of people that have a common goal to see the end result they want through. Of course, safety is always first.

We also have to learn how to navigate through the changes that could come out of no where, and be ready to make changes in an instant. Being a ground crew for Spirit means we are not afraid to get our hands dirty, we can hold a strong vibration no matter what is coming at us, and we seek alternative solutions when something challenges us. We also work in tandem with our space brothers and sisters as a team. Just like when we launch a rocket into space, it is the ground crew that makes sure everything runs smoothly and they can bring it home safely. Whether you are conscious or not of why you are really here, what you are doing at other levels, and what your mission or assignment really is, there is always a bigger picture operating for the good of all.

Many of us get side tracked with all the distractions on this plane but that is not why we’re here.  Our job is to help with Earth’s ascension and for all of us to up level so we can ascend too. The stakes are high right now and we all have to consciously do our job. Do what you do. Whether it is prayer, visualizing peace, meditating on world peace, or just being kind to one another with your thoughts, words, and deeds. Let’s clean it up folks so everyone can go home.

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