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How Can I Show Up?

I think it is important to remind ourselves in every moment that we can be kind and loving no matter what the situation may be. Of course, we are tested all the time and are always dealing with a menagerie of personalities. Part of us wants to meet people where they are at with us, an eye for an eye. If an incident happens where you allow the anger or rage to take over, STOP. It helps me to remember that we never know what that person is dealing with. God has brought that person to you for a reason you may never know. It is helpful to ask, in this moment how may I be of service?

Truly we are being in service to not only that person but maybe to the ones they would meet after us if we defuse the situation.

On a good day, I am able to ignore it on the outside but I am human and sometimes inside I feel different. When that happens give yourself three minutes to process your feelings within yourself. After that three minutes are over we start drawing into our life negative experiences, moving in the wrong direction of the law of attraction. Three minutes doesn't seem long enough but you would be surprised.

Being of service to everyone you meet on your path can seem like a full-time job but after a while, you will start to look for those you can be kind to or help in the moment.

Remember, we never know how we can change a person's life. Maybe you are responsible for someone changing their mind about not wanting to be here. Maybe when they met you and your kindness, everything shifted for them and they could get some relief from their everyday life. Maybe their family would never be able to thank you personally but know you're building good karma. Think of how many times you were down and out and someone crossed your path and just a kind word or smile changed everything.

It's important to remember that the higher vibration always wins out. By holding a higher vibration it's like extending your hand out to someone on a lower rung on a ladder. You help them climb up and uplevel theirs. That in itself is reason enough to be of service in every moment. After all, we are all one. It's important to remember that

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