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Keeping Your Faith Strong Over Time

I often hear people share how they are so faith-guided. It is so easy to stay in your faith for short periods of time or until things start to turn around. Faith is much more than that. It's having the courage to keep believing even when everyone else stops. It's believing when there is no proof right in front of you.

The definition of faith in Webster's dictionary is “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” I must say, all my life I have lived trusting the Divine even when others have questioned me. Faith is a deep knowing that no matter what happens, it will all be ok. It means to me that there is a guiding force that sees the overview of all that is. It can feel like a parent that can see the potential problems or obstacles that could occur, yet you keep sending out the positive vibes and believe in the best possible outcome.

In Marie Forlio’s book, "Everything Is Figureoutable", she speaks of her Mother always saying this to her. She says, “that nothing in life is complicated.” This keeps me on the path of faith knowing that if something takes a right when I thought it should take a left, I'll figure it out eventually. I even play a little game with myself. I ask myself what is the worst that could happen if this doesn't work out? Then I come up with a solution if that were to happen. Then if that didn't work, what would I do? After doing this a few times I feel more prepared and I have faced all the what if’s. Just by facing them, the intensity of the energy is gone and I don't feel so unprepared. This allows me to go back to my fearless faith!

Sometimes collective conditions in the world take a while to resolve themselves so hold onto your faith and don't stop believing. In fact, get fierce with this and become immovable with your truth and stop giving your power over to others. There will be times in your life for cosmic re-directs and if that's the case the Universe will signal you. Until then, own your faith and keep it moving. Be the example of unwavering belief. What if the Universe was just testing you for the long haul? Whenever you feel lost or are doubting yourself, pick yourself up and keep going. By believing in something greater than yourself, you have spiritual backup. Truthfully, that is most important.

It is not an all-or-nothing attitude. There are always different degrees of holding the faith. In those times where it gets tough, keep taking steps forward as if the end result reflects you having faith in moving forward all along. Keep the faith and own it!

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