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During these last few years, we have been shown how important our freedom is. There have been so many restrictions on what we can do or where we can go during COVID. We realize the importance of celebrating our sovereignty today and the way we choose to live our lives. As part of this energy today, it is so important to remember the light of who we really are, what’s really important to us, and how we can expand into our authentic selves.

From July 3rd -July 7th we’ve entered the Sirius Gateway. This gateway will envelop us with more light and more love. It will give us an opportunity to expand our heart-light even more. It is important during this time to focus on it and do things that put you in a place of receiving. We can journal, meditate, ask for what we need from our guides and it will fill us and uplevel our frequency. This is one of those times that we can receive the shift easily. With everything that tries to control us on this plane, it is refreshing to know that nothing controls our Angels and guides. No one knows what our conversations are with them. We can ask anything of them and know that it will be delivered to us if we do our part. There is truly no limit to what we can be, do or have.

It is often said that we have fought for the rights we have today. Maybe not us, but those that came before us. I believe this is true for souls as well. All the lifetimes we have had fighting for what we believed in only to bring us to this point. Let’s take advantage of all these energetic opportunities to let the light support us and give us the strength to complete what we came here to do, so we can all embrace the freedom to love who we want, be who we want, do what we want.

We are in the process of creating a new earth by the choices we make each day. An earth that can be held in positivity and equality for all. The new earth can support all its people with good healthy food, clean water, and plenty of resources for all. The shift into the 5th dimension won’t allow for hoarding food while other people go without. Let’s have the freedom to dream together and imagine we’re creating a beautiful masterpiece that holds the keys and codes of light to bring into the physical exactly what we would like. The Sirius energies will support this at this time. Meditate on what is possible in the new light. Think of everything that bugs you down here and go to what it would look like if the problem was solved. Remember that you don't have to know the how of how it will be solved, just the what of what you want. Let spirit solve the rest. Let's work together to create the new Earth and bring it back to the Garden of Eden it was meant to be!


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