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The Path of the Divine Feminine

As more and more of us are called to walk the path of the Divine Feminine, we're opening many of the gifts we have had from past lives. For some, it feels like their awakening overnight. It doesn't matter how you step into them. There is a calling from the Goddess herself and an ancient promise of a time when we all took a vow to return to her in the future. That time is NOW! We can no longer wait for when it is convenient or when we have the time. She is speaking louder than ever and yet some still can't hear the calling. Males and females alike are opening themselves to the old teachings and the old ways. The Goddess honors the rights of all life forms. She honors nature. She takes care of the fragile ones. She is like a superhero. She is strong externally and internally. She or he is linked with certain virtues; love, sexuality, creativity, and the ability to answer the calling. When one walks with the Goddess, they feel inspiration and openness with the divine. Her energy is up-leveled to be in service to all.

More than ever, it is time to pay attention to your:







These are all some of the Divine Feminine attributes that are awakening at this time. You may feel called to study one of the Goddesses. It is time. Wake up dear ones💜

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