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The Divine Plan

There is a Divine design for everyone. The Divine plan is like a pattern of your life stored in the superconscious mind. There are no limitations in this mind. There is no lack, suffering, or illness there. There is only love, creativity, perfect health, and self-expression. Intuitively we have to follow that plan daily or things go awry. If we keep reminding ourselves that if it's mine it will come to me. If it's not, nothing you can do will bring it to you. It has to be in alignment with Divine will. If it's part of your plan, it must be.

The following are affirmations from Florence Scovel Shinn to ponder on that are in alignment with the Divine Plan. Say them daily and watch what happens.

“I let go of everything that is not divinely designed for me, and the perfect plan of my life now comes to pass.”

“What is mine by Divine right can never be taken from me. God's perfect plan for me is built upon a rock.”

“I follow the path of intuition and find myself in the promised land under grace.”

“My mind, body, and affairs are now molded according to the divine plan within.”

“The Divine Design of my life now comes to pass. I now fill the place that I can fill and no one else can fill. I now do the things which I can do and no one else can do.“

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