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Springing Into Spring

Spring Equinox was yesterday, March 20th, and just the thought of spring being here gives us hope. It means the nice weather is just around the corner and with it comes hopes of getting a little back to normal. We dream of our outdoor activities, gathering again with family and friends, yard work, planting gardens, and just plain joy! Even though we may not be able to have large gatherings yet, we can start getting back to nature and let the return of the sun warm our bodies and spirits.

This is a time to rejoice in the celebration of rising out of the darkness and into the light. It is a time of new beginnings and new life unfolding, death, and rebirth. A time for all of us to rise out of our own ashes of what we shed over the winter and start to create anew again. What would you love to create now that the spring energies are supporting you? Maybe a new job, a new look, a new hobby? Whatever it is, know that it is the right time to plant seeds of intention for your wishes.

You may decide to do a special meditation in a quiet place with items that remind you of Spring such as bright colors, flowers, eggs, or even pictures. You could create a special altar with decorative, bright cloth, placing all your special items on it. After your meditation, you could take some flower seeds and hold them one by one and think of one thing you want to create, and put your energy into it. Then use the power of your breath to activate it. After that, you may want to plant your seeds indoors and label them with your dream that you wished for. Repeat the process one seed at a time with a new wish. Put them in the perfect place that has sunlight to help them grow. Then the only thing left is to watch for the seeds to break through the soil and start to grow! When you see them growing, read which dream is starting to come to fruition and continue to give it energy. When the weather is right you can transfer them outside and continue to celebrate your full manifestations!

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