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Not Thy Will, But My Will

In October I learned a valuable lesson the hard way. Just goes to show you that we're only human sometimes. I booked off 12 days to play catch up and have a semi-vacation. I had my list of everything I wanted to accomplish. Well, I soon learned that I'm not in charge. Sometimes God has to whack us on the head to teach us. This was definitely my case.

On my second day of vacation, it all started. I ate some fish & chips. Now six months earlier I ate shrimp and had a severe reaction and can no longer eat it and have to carry an epi-pen. I had another reaction to the fish and chips and had to go to my muscle testing guy who is a miracle worker. After muscle testing me he said I'm allergic to anything that comes out of the ocean. My dear friend who is a medium told me this as well before I went to him. Along with that I now have a system that all of a sudden is super sensitive to everything. What? As a result, I spent the next 10 days on the couch, scratching my rashes like crazy. It turns out, when I decided to surrender and talk to Spirit I was told that I was running on empty and that I wasn't in charge. My will isn't enough to make it happen if I don't have any juice. We just think we're in charge but in reality, Spirit is. If we try to work alone on our own and try to force our will when it is the wrong timing and conditions, it will fail every time. It was a great reminder for me. God said, “You're doing a great job, but you're not in charge yet.” I hope I remember this painful lesson. It's always a teaching moment!

To all my family and friends, I hope you enjoy all your holidays, and may this year be better than the last.

Happy New Year!

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