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Moving Between Worlds

I don't know how many of you have noticed the energies lately but they have been crazy challenging. Whether you have felt them or not, they're still affecting and infecting you. It's almost as if the switch was flipped and everything has been heightened. Everyone coming through my doors or I should say calling me, has the same symptoms - heart palpitations, sick to their stomach, inside jitters, feeling an increase of energy, and ringing in the ears for some. Although I have talked about these as ascension symptoms before, this almost feels like something else. It feels like we are being cranked to the max! Many are finding it hard to work or even concentrate like this. I seem to feel it more at night when I'm winding down and many find the same is true for them.

I feel it is a reflection of moving between worlds. As we keep shaking off the density of 3D it becomes harder to know how to hold the higher energies of 4, and 5D. I believe as we start to navigate between these worlds, we need to own our vibration. The more we continue to shift our feelings and beliefs from this world and become curious about what is changing, the more we stay open to new possibilities. No one said it was going to be easy being here at this time in this density we call 3D.

We have to try to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, starting with the inside first, and then we will see the reflection outside in our current reality. Spirit is comparing it to altitude sickness. If you have never been in high altitude before and then all of a sudden decide to visit Colorado, you may feel like you can't breathe or feel dizzy. It will take a while to acclimate to the energies. When we're in our shift, it can feel the same way to us. We have to know that ultimately it's a good thing, we're making a shift or taking a leap in consciousness. It's always uncomfortable with change as long as we have the heads up to what's going on, it's all ok.

Some possible solutions as your making the shift; have more downtime, honor your body, have a breathing practice, meditate more, journal your feelings, and find ways to bring in more sensory vibrations. Putting on a favorite oil or burning in a diffuser helps shift moods. Music that uplifts your mind and soul is great! Also, finding ways to bring more joy in on a daily basis is always good; lunch with a friend, a walk-in nature, or even sitting petting your favorite dog or cat. Whatever works for you, just do it and know you're raising your vibration one step at a time. Happy shifting!

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