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July's Energies

July is going to be one hell of a month. As we are already in it, many may be feeling the effects of it. Between astrology and the energies in general, we are being pushed to make changes both personally and collectively. This is an opportunity for paradigm shifts of powerful forces just beckoning us on to live who we really are and fully grow into who we were meant to be. Ask how you see yourself now and how do you want to see yourself. Be willing to notice how big the gap in between where you are now and where you want to be is because everything that stands in your way needs to come up and heal. That journey can seem like a long one, but it's well worth it! We must be willing to look at the bigger picture and know that we are indeed galactic citizens and not just look from this current vantage point on Earth.

The astrology of July and the energy shifts that are possible this month will assist us in giving us a boost to reclaim our knowledge and wisdom from our collective experiences. You may start to remember consciously or there could be a deeper knowing as the door to our soul swings open, even wider than before. Pay attention to the subtle shifts as well as the demonstrative ones, for they will guide you home.

This is an important time not to be engaged in our people's consciousness. Look for your own signs and signals, for they will be there.

With even more eclipses, full moons, and new moons, you are being asked to take action, don't just sit around trying to perfect a plan waiting for some outside force to deliver it on a silver platter to you. With the popularity of the law of attraction, some have gotten lazy about taking action. It really is more than wishing it into reality. Remember, spirit helps those who take action! We must line up our values with our actions, both have value in the creation process. One thing about this year, we have many repeated opportunities to utilize the energies to create. Don't waste it! Demand and command the energies, hold your vision but take action daily. You will be so glad you did!

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