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"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then when we summon the will, they become inevitable." ~ Christopher Reeves

I will forever be talking about manifesting your dreams until the day I leave this place called Earth School. One is never too poor, too old, or too uncreative to start desiring a new dream. If you're still dreaming, it’s not too late! If you still have a desire for something to be different, it’s not too late. Many people have had plenty of time lately to re-examine their lives, to take inventory on what’s still working or not. If something is no longer working, bless it and make a plan on what could be different.

Sometimes the Universe takes care of things for you. Maybe you have felt that your job is no longer challenging you and then all of a sudden your business closes and you are forced to look at what’s next. Although that is one way the Universe works, I choose to do it my own way. It first starts as subtle whispers to get your attention and you realize you are no longer satisfied with being on the same old path. If you don’t listen, it gets louder and if you don’t act then the Universe has to use more drastic measures to get our attention. These usually aren’t pleasant. It could be a loss in your life - an illness, job loss, or an expensive bill that comes out of nowhere. These happen because you are not listening to the part of you that says I can’t do it this way anymore. I think it’s always better to make the choice yourself, after having much practice with both ways. I no longer need the cosmic two by four to the head. I now choose my lessons to come gently.

We can choose to go thru this time in our lives kicking or screaming about what once was, or we can make the best of it and start thinking about what your new dream is.

Is there a hobby you have always wanted to try but have been too busy? Have you wanted to start writing a book? Learn a new language? Whatever it is, you're worthy. It’s your birthright, so own it, make a plan, take baby steps, and pull the trigger to your dreams!


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