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Christ Light

I believe this is the season for Christ's light. Since we all have this energy of this seed imprinted in our hearts it shouldn't be that hard to shine the light brightly. We don't know what this holiday holds for us living moment to moment but one thing is sure, the light is needed. I see the loneliness on people's faces, everyone just needs a smiling face to reflect back to them. No matter what, the light heals what ails us. I love this season to hear the Christmas music, the hustle and bustle, and the gathering of our families. After all we have been through this year reevaluating what is important, it's time to smell the roses again with those we love. That in itself is a celebration of the Christ Light.

Seeing people getting back to decorating their houses with festive lights and having candles lit in the windows is a reminder that the love is still here and we will bounce back from all that we’ve been through stronger than ever before. It's time to come together and let the love light in. Our heart light may have been dim for a while with Covid but we're still standing, stronger than ever!

As we move forward we will never forget this year and the challenges we’ve been through. Our choice is to close our hearts down from fear or to keep them wide open letting our Christ light shine outward. It's like each ray reaches the person it needs to reach. Sometimes I play a little game with it. I imagine shining my light and each ray outward towards someone. I could be waiting in a line at the bank or in the grocery store and I shine it without even knowing them. I ask to turn on my Christ light and see the rays hitting their target. I blast them with so much light, the grumpier the better. After all, they need it more than anyone. We don't have to be known for what we do, that's the fun of it. I imagine that each beam of light hits their target, and then it's up to them what they do with it. Try it this week. I know you will love it! Happy Holidays!

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