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Channeling Your Higher Self

When we quiet down long enough to sit and listen, amazing things happen. We seem to move beyond the self-chatter and talk into a sacred place of knowing. This place of knowing gives us the information to move beyond time and space of this world, to the place where we meet our higher self. This infinite self-exists in each and every one of us.

Typically we are too busy to listen or even to make the connection. Once we connect we are amazed at the information that seems to just flow to us. You can tell that it comes from an infinite part of you because you would have never consciously thought of the direction, ideas, or information you are receiving. This is how you can sort it out and know the value of it.

Sitting with your higher self is the best time you will ever spend. You may sit and ask powerful questions and wait to see what comes into your mind. Do trust the information you are given, for you are in sacred space. Once this space is created, it becomes a holy tabernacle for you and the part of you who knows all. The instructions are simple, sit quietly, set your intention and listen. You may want to have a journal nearby. Once you have your information, act on it. That completes the circuit.

It may take you a few times to quiet your mind and get used to sitting without doing anything. Your ego will want to fight you by distracting you in another direction. Don’t let it win. Put your time in and allow. Does it sound too simple? I suggest letting go of the judgments and do it as an experiment. The bigger part of you is waiting. Explore!


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