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A Clean Slate

I love this month of the year. To me, it means we get to create fresh and have a new, clean slate. Although many wait for Chinese New Year, or some celebrate Halloween as the beginning of the new year, whatever feels right to you, it is a time where the majority focuses on a new beginning in January. It is a time to forgive yourself for anything that has happened over the past year that you are not happy with and anything that you did not get to accomplish for whatever reason – it does not matter. If we all cut ourselves some slack and realize we are only human and ourselves, we can let go of the two hundred new things we want to put on our new 2022 list as goals.

When we start to think of a fresh start, think of three major goals you have for the year. It does not matter what area of your life it is in, stay focused. Start by putting your attention on taking baby steps towards one goal. When you get it to a certain place of feeling like it is moving in the right direction, then you can put attention on the next one and build momentum. When we are scattered all over the place it fogs our head, and our brain has a tough time focusing on the goal at hand. We want to feel accomplished, not stressed when we reach our goals. Build-in little rewards along the way when you reach a part of the goal and celebrate. You can do this by buying yourself something, getting together with a friend, having some alone time, or just appreciating yourself. If you do this, you will arrive at your goals with energy to spare.

It is also important to take inventory of everything you did accomplish and how far you have come, both internal shifts, (thoughts, beliefs, and paradigms) and in the external world. Start by seeing what is most important to you at this time. Ask yourself, what is calling me to get my attention at this time? It could look like repeated issues that keep coming up. Perhaps it is health or body issues, or maybe money issues. Whatever it is, you will know by the repeated issue coming up. What steps can you take to change things? Maybe you need to hire someone to make things easier or to give you clarity on how to move forward with a different plan. Take your time and sit with it all. Meditate on your life. Look at each area and see how happy you are with it. If not, take steps to make a change. Do not procrastinate. Just do it!

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