Brenda Edwards

46 Mill Pond Drive
Springfield, MA 01129


Tel: (413) 526-9840​

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Heart-felt Teacher, Healer, and Spiritual Life Coach.

Learn more about my journey as a spiritual healer.

I use a complimentary approach that empowers people to take charge of their mental, physical, and spiritual self. 

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"I am still amazed at what can be done over the phone. I have had many sessions with others in person that doesn’t come close to this. What I also like about the process is the techniques that were given to me that I can use myself at any time that I’m stressed out. I’ve also taught some of them to my family with great results. Thanks and love to you all!" ~ Martin K., Topeka, KA

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How Can I Help You Advance On Your Soul's Journey In This World?

The Information Recording of 2020
Cost $25

I will be recording my message for 2020, available for purchase which will include:
My message about 2020, Numerology, Astrology, Chinese New Year Information, Themes of the year, & Energy of the year

It will be ready for purchase by the end of December. Drop me an email, or call 413-526-9840 to request your copy.

Personal Channeled Reading For 2020
Cost $50

I will channel you a personal message for 2020. This will be from your Angels & Guides in hopes of pointing you in the right direction for the new and upcoming year.

Again, please drop me an email or call 413-526-9840 to prepay for your reading. This will be limited through January as I usually get an overwhelming response to this offering.