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Live Your Most Passionate, Purposeful


Heart-felt Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach.

Learn more about my journey.

I use a complimentary approach that empowers people to take charge of their mental, physical, and spiritual self. 

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The Soul Remembers is a bi-weekly spiritual speaker series hosted by Brenda. Join us every other Thursday for enriching conversations led by spiritual leaders and healers. Dive into soul-nurturing discussions designed to heal, empower, and inspire. Attend a single session or immerse yourself in a transformative journey across multiple gatherings. Welcome to a sanctuary for the soul's rejuvenation and enlightenment.

"I am still amazed at what can be done over the phone. I have had many sessions with others in person that doesn’t come close to this. What I also like about the process is the techniques that were given to me that I can use myself at any time that I’m stressed out. I’ve also taught some of them to my family with great results. Thanks and love to you all!" ~ Martin K., Topeka, KA

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Tired of holding onto your pain and trauma? Tired of listening to your own stories? Ready to shift?


Don't let your past control your future relationships and life. A new life is waiting for you. Take a deep dive with me as together we create a sacred, safe place in which to identify and heal your old wounds with tools you can use for the rest of your life.

Journey Through The Major Arcana Cards

Within The Major Arcana cards are held the secrets of the universe, the karmic lessons, learnings, and opportunities that we must all work through on our journey to enlightenment.

Join Brenda as you learn about each card by invoking it into your life. You will sit with each card, meditate with it, and really get to know it.

Online Courses

Online Courses



How Can I Help You Advance On Your Soul's Journey In This World?
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