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Your Heart's Desire

Each one of you has a heart’s desire, but you have been so enslaved by negative thoughts and doubts that it seems almost impossible to get there. Even when people arrive at their goals they still may feel it is too good to be true and many will sabotage the very thing they wanted to manifest. Then we’re asked to trust something invisible that we can't see, a being of light that we’re told loves us. It can all seem very challenging for us. The reasoning mind will always want to go back to what is familiar.

What if we could go for the unfamiliar and trust the process? If we already know the results we have continued to get by thinking the same way for all our life and we’re not happy with our results so far, then what's our problem with taking a risk and seeing what happens? We are all creatures of habit that don't like change because we assume that if there is a change it needs to be something that is not good. What if it turned out to be a disaster? In my experience, it has never turned out that way. It always seems to be an up level of some kind. Of course, there are no guarantees when we’re going through it, but if we can trust this process, we will be ok.

Our heart’s desire is something that we go after because we think it will either bring us something that we don't have now; love, money, fame, visibility, etc. I am constantly reminded that we can never go after something outside of ourselves. This is why it is important to define why you want something and then try and bring the essence of that to yourself. If you want more love in your life, be more loving to others and yourself. If you want more money, don't be in lack and circulate the money you do have. You get the idea.

At the end of the day, we see what's truly important to us and we should be grateful for it all. During this experience with covid, one thing is sure, we were brought to our knees and brought back to basics, our health, family, food, and security. Once these are in place there is no reason why we can't go after our dreams, but know what your asking of Spirit and be clear why you want it and how it will change your life. Then work on changing those habitual thoughts and patterns and see what's truly possible when you apply yourself while continuing to create in the direction of your dreams!


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