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Working with Guidance

In the silence of our everyday life, we are blessed with guidance that's always there when we get still enough to notice. It's our job to quiet down enough to hear the words of our guides, angels, master teachers, and even your loved ones. One way you can do this is by making time daily for a conversation with them. I believe that intention is everything. After doing this for a while, your guides will know you're showing up. When you're first starting out, consistency is important, even if you’re not sure you're getting any signs.

When I was first starting out they would give me information to see if I would listen to it and I did, even if it seemed crazy. The more I listened and followed it, the more I was guided. After initially getting what seemed to me to be information that seemed to be unimportant, then I would get more information I could validate. The validation was awesome. After a while, it would come quickly, and then I knew I was on the right path.

It's good to journal your guidance as things don't always come to fruition right away. Then you can look back and see.

There is a universal law that states that if you ask spirit a question, you have to get an answer. It's good to write a question down and read it aloud, such as, what is the next step I should take in the direction of -------? Then wait for whatever comes into your head. Don't dismiss any answers; trust what you receive. Sometimes the answer comes in the form of signs, meaning that it may not come at the moment. It may come later. You could get a flyer in the mail, see a billboard, have something come across your newsfeed that could be the answer to your question. You could even meet a stranger in the grocery store that has a conversation at the moment answering your question.

Spirit works through whatever means of communication will work for them. Everyone and everything is fair game with spirit. It's fun to be like a detective in your own life seeing where your answer will come. At times you can ask your question before you go to bed at night and often when you wake up, you will have your answer. As soon as you get up, journal everything you remember and know that practice makes perfect. Just try and see!

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