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Who Are You Now?

I believe that ever since the first of January, we are all different people. I feel differently, I act differently, and I know that I am growing with leaps and bounds. We have been told that change is not easy, yet we know it’s how we maneuver through it that counts. It feels like we are all separately in a rowboat and are frantically paddling to turn around, as we are rapidly approaching a waterfall. If we continue to struggle, we still go over the waterfall being tossed around. If we surrender to the rhythm of what is happening, it seems to get easier. The end result is the same, we go over the waterfall, but the journey is a little different. This is how I see life. There is always change in front of us if we’re still on planet earth. Once we accept that as a part of our journey, we can relax.

Do you know who you are now? If you can answer that question, great! If you can’t, wait long enough, because as soon as you can, POOF! You change again. We all seem to have a new identity and this month seems to be the time to anchor this identity in. If this doesn’t seem familiar, then maybe you’ve been holding on to old issues for too long. With the energies of this year pushing us forward, we are bound to grow. One way or the other we have to move. For those who do realize that you have been changing, congrats for letting it all go and trusting the process of change. After all, there are still 10 months left of this year. That is a lot of time to continue to grow. Trust me on that!

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