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Where is Your Focus?

June is a great time to pull in your awareness and laser focus on what you are trying to manifest. Expand and extend your awareness of all the vast possibilities that exist for you to create. Imagine yourself as an artist with a huge area in front of you to create on. All the colors in all their uniqueness are waiting for you to choose a particular color that holds the perfect vibration to what you wish to express.

When making decisions about what's next for you, it can feel much the same as the artist. Just do it when it feels right! Many of us who are afraid to make a mistake will take extra time pondering over every little thing in our minds to the point of not accomplishing anything. I believe we need to apply all we know to create.

Call your gifts forward as you start. Maybe you need to call in a master teacher or guide to help you. They can help you narrow down the best choice for you, and the order you should do them in. All possibilities exist within the essence of your creation. Don't let your limiting beliefs stop you. Sometimes it's helpful to just start much like an artist who puts his first stroke on the canvas. He may not know where he is going with it but after a while, it seems to take on a life of its own, and before you know it, you have a perfect picture in front of you.

Where does your focus need to be right now? Is there a course you need to take to further your confidence in a particular direction? Is there someone you need to talk to or interview? Often mentors are the perfect ones to ask how they got to where they are, especially if they’re in your field. Most will be glad to help you.

Concerning the right timing, meditate on it and see how you feel. Ask for signs to see if they come back to and give you the green light. If not, sit with it until you get a screaming YES! Remember, Spirit is always there and available for you when you need it. The biggest yes needs to come from within you. It is the place where all your answers lie, even though we all need validation from the outside at times. But once you are in the midst of your creation, keep going. When you complete it, then go back to see if you need to correct it. Don't stop doing it midstream.

With June being such a nature month, you may be guided to create in nature by pulling in the right elements you need. All in all, have fun with whatever you are creating and believe it will reach its final destination.


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