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Where is the love?

I am reminded with everything going on how vulnerable we really are. It’s easy to get carried away with what’s outside of us in our everyday lives, but we have to get back to controlling what’s inside of us; our thoughts, how we view things, and where we want to put our attention. Everything affects and infects us if we let it. 

History always repeats itself, but it's about what we can learn from history to correct and change what we can. If we have a loving heart and choose to see everything through the eyes of love, looking at the damaged child within, then we can see how things can be looked at differently. I remember a time in my life long ago that the world really did look different and I may have been accused of looking through the world through rose-colored glasses. It was a difficult time in history but yet people found a way to unite together in peace.

That is the world I choose to hang onto. One where people truly care about one another, whether you know each other or not. Where there is concern and understanding about one’s circumstance in their life. Where there are people coming together to look for peaceful solutions for our collective problems, or for the individual problems of our brothers and sisters.

I ask you to reach and stretch yourself to think about what that world would be like. Using spiritual solutions to help not only the body but the soul as well. Where is the love, I ask? How could we all forget our God-given gift? To love is suppose to be a natural thing, but lately, it seems to be missing and the turmoil we’re seeing is a direct reflection of that. Get back to yourself, your TRUE self. Own your power to create anew. Take action inside of yourself and protest within you. Fight for your right to love and create your dream. It still exists somewhere within, so revisit it and breathe life into it, focus on it, and as all of you do that, things will change collectively. 

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