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When You Don't Feel Heard

Do you ever feel that your gut is telling you one thing and it feels so right, and even though you feel this way no one seems to hear you? I for one feel helpless at times when my intuition is screaming at me to listen but I feel I am not heard by some in authority.

Recently this has been the case in the medical community. Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful docs out there I'm sure but that has not been the case with me.

I am trying to get someone to listen to me, and have been met with total ego and anything I say is falling on deaf ears. I realize that at times I don't even feel heard by spirit and that more than anything can be very disheartening. On the rare times that this happens, I feel a bit lost. Where is my team and why aren't they listening? After all, they have been there for me since I was a child. I almost feel they are saying,” You got this, trust your knowing.” It's all frustrating. I know I am learning but doesn't it work both ways? Shouldn't the docs know they are always learning too?

Technology isn't 100%. The minute we think we got it all is when everything crashes and burns.

I have been told by spirit that in the future the medical technology that is so relied on will not work right as everything has to up level just like our bodies. We are moving from carbon based structures to crystalline-based structures and everything will look different. You can't see a soul through the lens of a microscope. I was even told by my guides that I already had an example around the technology long ago. I had to think for a minute but remembered that when I was working on my daughter in the delivery room when she was ready to deliver my granddaughter doing Reiki they had a machine connected to her. The nurses watching pointed out to us that the machine was making designs and when I looked up to was sacred geometry symbols. How do you explain that one? They replaced the machine thinking it wasn't working and same thing happened. When they changed it again the Dr. came in and saw it after the third time said forget it. Thought it was faulty equipment. I forgot it until Spirit reminded me. Amazing right? Can't wait to see what's coming.

I will admit my ego will want to shove it in their faces then but I will resist. Knowing that they will have to figure it out will be reward enough. Yes, spirit and science are partnering but not soon enough for me!

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