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What Will You Reap From The Seeds You Are Planting?

I have been wondering what seeds we are planting the longer this pandemic goes on. I include myself in this because even with the best intentions, we can sometimes get off track. After all, we’re all human. Why do we fall back on that sometimes using our humanity as a crutch? Other times we see ourselves as Divine. Which is it? I’m human and therefore it’s ok for me to go unconscious and forget why I’m here, or I’m Divine and my holiness guides me in all I think and say and do? We are truly both folks! This is why we have to stay focused on the potential prize of ascending and lifting the vibration of us and the planet.

As we move into the days ahead, we need to know what thoughts, feelings, and actions we’re taking and what will grow as a result of what has been planted. A gardener never plants squash and harvests cabbage. Nature always knows what’s contained within each seed. The blueprint is contained inside. We plant it and do our part to water, fertilize, and give it sunlight. So are our intentions. We can’t be in fear or panic and expect something wonderful to come out of this time. It doesn’t work that way.

What does work is the constant sending of energy and seeing the way you would like earth to be. Ask yourself, what if Earth was healed? What would that look like? Look at each cause that is not the way you would like it and see it different instead of complaining over and over again about what’s not right. When this is said and done. We want to have a garden full of abundance, love, healing, and plenty for all! Do your part.

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