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What's Really Your Big Dream?

Often, people will only share a small piece of their big dream. Sometimes they are afraid someone will steal their dream if they share it. As most of you know, I don't go along with that line of thinking. So what if there are others doing what you want to do. There really is no shortage of people needing those services. As a coach, I often ask myself, why don't they just ask for what they really want? But usually, baby steps are taken only to get them to admit what they really want but didn't think they could manifest it. That's where all the old beliefs of unworthiness rear its ugly head. Where were we taught that we weren't enough? Instead of wasting time on each little step, what if we took a quantum leap to the big dream first? Then held the vibration for this or something greater even still? Then even if we missed the big dream by a couple of vibrations, we would still land beyond what we first thought was possible.

I'm a firm believer in inking it. Write the big dream down and say it daily to maintain your focus. That sets the stage for the right resources, people, and ideas to show up. It's important to revisit the dream with every change of season. See what has manifested, what needs more work, and if any corrections need to be made. Sometimes we realize what we thought we were interested in has shifted. Just like the flow of a river, our flow changes. I have made changes every season. The big picture dream may be the same but how I get there may change, or the essence of it may change as well. How many times have we seen people like Oprah in the world create huge dreams when they were told they have no talent? Even if you are the only one believing, keep believing because it's your big dream after all. Because your dream is probably aligned with your purpose if it excites you, so of course you will get there. Timing is tricky these days but if you keep taking action sooner than later you will arrive at the goal. So go for the big one first!

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