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What is your pivot strategy?

In these uncertain times, we can't really take anything for granted. One truly doesn't know if their security with a job, relationship, or even good health will continue to be there in the days ahead. I believe we have to be ready to shift with the changes as they come. Don't misunderstand me - don't wait for something to happen, or be in fear that it's going to happen, but if there is a change be ready to act. You may have to pivot in a new direction with little or no time to dwell on what just happened. Ask yourself what your pivot strategy is in each area of your life, just in case. As people may reach that fork in the road, they may not have the luxury to hang out there for a while. While you may have had a vision of your life, your vision can change by outside circumstances shifting in the moment. It's important to just hold firm and recreate a new one that you can get on board with.

Change is a part of life that is constant, especially if you are growing. We have to stay motivated through all these pivot points. We will look back on these pivotal points in our lives and realize that they are times that we held firm to our vision and beliefs and that they pulled us in the right direction. It's as if during those times, an Angel whispers, ”go this way.” It helps us to stay motivated as we take our new leap forward.

As these changes occur, remember it is us that is calling these changes forth. Maybe you were bored with your job, maybe your relationship was stagnant, or maybe you just needed a push to go bigger, to uplevel or expand into the life you have dreamed of. Sometimes it takes a while before we can see the why’s of why it had to happen. Once we can see that, it is much easier to accept the change.

Remember that our soul is our guiding light showing us the way. Stay open and see what presents itself. You will be so glad you did!


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