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Weaving the Magic

We are entering a powerful cycle that will bring cosmic manifestation with the help of many galactic beings of light. If we could only see beyond the veil to witness all that is truly happening, we would be surprised. It's like a giant production. Imagine all the actors and sub-actor roles. What goes on behind the stage and of course the director, cameramen, and all the props. It feels like opening night is getting closer even though the prepwork has been intense as we get closer to our launch.

We need to get ready for co-creating with the universe in a whole new way. We need to be prepared to open to receive all the blessings that we truly are deserving of. We need to think of ourselves as Merlin waving our magic wand to create with the magical forces of light, the elements, and even the stars. We need to remember that if we are awake

we are aware of the power we have to create in either direction.

Conscious beings create with alchemy in partnership with the Divine. In this space of creation with you as the Creatrix success is simply a side effect. You are now the magical weavers of your own life and you do have the power to hold your intention while you create your masterpiece in the world. So beware and be aware of what you would lile to see in and on this New Earth and get going for the show is getting ready to begin.

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