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Wake up Call

The Galactics have been coming in loud and clear lately. They have

been commenting on how depleted everyone is lately.

It almost seems like the same complaints over and over again.

People feel like they either can’t sleep or they do sleep but wake up

exhausted. Yes, we’re working our tails off in the in-between worlds.

Many don’t remember anything but nonetheless, it’s true! The work we

are doing is clearly making a difference on this Earth. We have to

believe that soon we will be able to see beyond a doubt that we are

really in the midst of the cleanup. Do not let the dark forces make you

think otherwise for they are just trying to distract us from our missions.

I myself am feeling the brunt of all this work and could use a super

long vacation as a result. Also, if you have noticed everyone's own

personal issues have seemed to escalate as well. I think we’re being

pushed to the max to separate the ones that are truly committed from

those that are not. “Remember that which doesn't kill us makes us


The Galactics are saying stay aware all around you, and trust what

you feeling at the moment. Sometimes we only have a minute to make

a split-second decision that can impact our lives for a long time.

Every day it seems there are opportunities to have mini wake-up calls

if we choose to take advantage of them. It doesn't take much to use

them as a Divine opportunity for growth. I sense there is even more

coming down the pike so rest when you can, find joy in the moment

and keep your vibe up!

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