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Viewing Change as Normal

Lately, I have been tested to the max about how comfortable I am with adjusting in the moment to change. Although my whole life has been about change, I seem to still be surprised at how much I really don't have any control over it.

One thing is for sure, change is here to stay.

I always observe patterns that seem to come up with me and as I have learned from the past, I am always used as a forerunner for what everyone else will be tested with as well. The more we surrender what we can't control, the more we will be comfortable in our lives. As an example, in the last few months, I had two trips planned that in the eleventh hour, I had to cancel because I was sick. These were personal trips that I was looking forward to, but Spirit had other plans for me. Even I am not always told the why of things. Both times I had to just let it go and go to plan B. I ended up just resting and recouping. This wasn't much fun, but necessary, I guess.

The next time you're thrown a curve ball in your life, go with it. The why of change may not always be visible, but trust that there is always something working on your behalf behind the scenes. That I trust!

Imagine the inner workings of Spirit when things need to be rearranged. I often see it like a giant chess game. Picture your angels and guides moving the pawns around the board frantically trying to keep you safe, protecting you from some unforeseen circumstance or event. They may even have to come up with plan A B or even C. Not so easy when we look at things that way. I've been in airports when suddenly my flight was changed and I was re-routed or my flight was cancelled in the moment. I never doubt that Spirit has my back. There maybe someone I need to connect with or meet or maybe another reason I will never know about.

Anyway you look at it, just go with it and know that although it may not be our choice, Spirit has our back and the more you can go with it, the easier it will go next time. If you not perfect the first time, don't worry you will have many other opportunities to practice. Before you know it, you can be a conscious guru of change. Start today and notice what happens when you’re open to change.

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