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Trust Your Path

It is so important to trust your path as you will be guided and shown the way. There may be some dips and turns and obstacles that may make us doubt if we are on the right path. Remember we have tests of faith that either keep us on track and make us stronger or knock us off and make us question everything. Although we have all had times where we have questioned the direction of our lives, if we just continue to believe and keep going, it passes.

We start with the subtle realm of the unformed. In this raw state, everything is possible. It's like having a hunk of clay and we start to use the field to build our path through ideas and intuition. We then build with our heart energy, to add feeling to the dream, almost like incubating it in your heart, protecting it in that heart-space and blasting it with our heart-light. Then the mind follows the heart into the infinite where all possibilities exist. Then we create new trajectories over time. It is through the power of love that our foundation to our path is created.

The next piece to the path is action. This is where we become an active participant by taking action steps to raise the vibration of our path. By being action-oriented, the universe steps up to meet you by bringing in the resources, people, and other things you need to move you along. Whenever you come across a disempowerment narrative, know that is not part of the path and step away. Don't allow others to drag their fear into your creation. What will you allow into your life?

July ushered in a time for all of us to go even deeper in the process of our own evolution, both personally and collectively. We will continue to build on the heart energy, as we remind ourselves that everything continues to evolve, one way or another.

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