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The Stone In Your Gut

Our gut is very important. It is where we hold our gut feelings, in fact, it is where we hold all our feelings. When something is not right it feels like we have something in there. I call it a stone because it feels like our stomach has a stomach ache.

The emotional body can feel quite visceral affecting us on many levels. Also, with this being the main chakra of the empath, everything lands there. People have been convinced that they have an ulcer, digestive issues, or other physical ailments when in reality it is things they can't digest in life.

In the bigger picture, there is so much that we can't digest, things that don't make sense to us, people keeping the real truth from us, and examples of hatred everywhere. It's all hard to digest! When we are witnessing this, that stone seems to feel heavier and heavier like we're being weighed down. It brings me back to unpleasant memories of the distant past when they used to weigh people down with a heavy rock and throw them into the water to die, and we thought we were making progress.

Looking toward the positive and trying to find solutions for how we feel, it is important to remember if our gut is our GPS system to how we feel and what feels right to us, then we must take control of it. How do we do this, you ask? We start by claiming dominion over our feelings. Beyond seeing our Solar Plexus as a Waze App on our phone that helps us be prepared for what's ahead of us for traffic or accidents, once we are notified of something that's not right, then we can do something about it or take an alternative route.

Maybe we just need to reset by meditating and getting ourselves back to a balanced state within ourselves. The Emotional Freedom Technique is an excellent way to bring control back in the moment, and restore a sense of well-being. If you don't know what that is you can google it. It is a service I offer as I believe in it so much.

As the stone in our gut is our early warning system that something is affecting and infecting us, heed the warning and do something about it right then and there. Beyond acknowledging it, your job is to start bringing yourself back into balance. I learned years ago that we can't control anyone else, and certainly not the world. If we remember that these things that upset us are part of the change that will eventually lead to a New Earth where things will be completely different, then we can cope for a little while longer. Just do your part to stay positive and in balance. In that, you are making a difference without reacting to everything, and one by one our numbers WILL make a difference, and we will arrive at our final destination.

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