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The Spirit of Money

Did you know that everything has a spirit including money? If that's really true, then we need to look deeper. I feel we need to respect it, our spending, our saving, and the choices we have to waste it or spend it, and to do good not only for ourselves but

for others. Spirit often rewards us with money when we don't waste it or spend it frivolously. Don't get me wrong, we all have spent money at times on things we don't need but want. It is about being conscious of your choices at every moment.

When we don't react from an emotional place, we make better decisions.

Often, money has been used incorrectly as a form of power over another. This is part of the old paradigm. The new one supports us to use our money for a win-win. How can you benefit and also help others with it? I have been tithing for years and I love it! I don't follow a formula or a percentage. Where I see a need, I fill it! I get to feel the immense joy of giving, and it feels as if that energy comes back to me ten-fold. That is not the reason why I do it. If you do it to receive something back, it doesn't work. I even bless the money before it goes, even if I am paying a bill. If it does truly have a spirit in it, it knows what my intention is. It doesn't matter how much you are giving, but the universe knows what you are capable of giving. It's just like when you go for a session that is on a sliding scale, and you know you could pay the whole price, but maybe you don't, the universe keeps the score. Paying the full amount if you can, makes a statement of abundance for both of you. Your money will respect you back. It's not important if it's only a dollar and that's all you can afford. Don't get into lack. Often when I have really been short financially, I have given anyways, and it is the way of the world and of universal law that money is in motion and flows back in some way. Now, it's important to note that you don't always receive it in the way you think. Sometimes it comes back to you in the strangest ways through the path of least resistance. Just try it and watch what happens. Make sure you give it in the right frame of mind and just allow it.


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