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The Soul Mate Energy

The true definition of a soul mate is, “a person with whom one has a deep or natural affinity ” although, everything has portrayed them differently. Everyone thinks there is one person who totally completes them and what does that even mean? Think about that. We are whole and complete within ourselves and if we are a part of God or Spirit, then we are complete. I think that sometimes we just have to uncover our greatness. For many, that is so hard to accept. If we go with this, we can see how a soul mate could take many roles in our life. We could have a best friend that is a soul mate, a child, or even a lover. Soul mates are not always romantic, so to think someone is going to come along to rescue you from your life and sweep you off your feet and save you, is unrealistic.

I believe we have many soul mates. I believe these are souls we have traveled with and experienced in other lifetimes and that's why they seem so familiar to us. If you connect with a soul mate, this does not necessarily mean that it will be easy. There is no guarantee that it will all work out. Sometimes it's easier to be with any other relationship because when you're with a soul mate they know you well from other times and other places or you may have karma or history with them from before. These unfinished issues can bleed through into this lifetime and you may be fighting an endless battle and find that even the love you have for one another is still not enough. They are here to support you on your journey of healing and cleanup. Secretly, I think we are all programmed to want to seek the energy of them so we can start our deep journey home. We can learn our deepest lessons from them, for they are like a master teacher. They are capable of holding deep space for us to do our work and of course, it works both ways. The sad thing about soul mates is if it doesn't work out, people think their life is over. I suppose if they were going by the common definition of a soul mate, then we could understand that. Then they feel they have to settle for an ordinary relationship. Often, the search for them can be like the search in the kingdom in the movie Cinderella, trying to have someone's foot fit the shoe. If we could only stop long enough to see that we can learn so much about ourselves through every person we meet, then we would pay more attention to all our relationships. If we allow ourselves to re-frame the way we think about this, we all win! There are twin flames and beloved, but that's a discussion for another day!

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