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The Signs Around You

As I go through my day I am very aware of the signals and signs that come my way. I believe every day I start with a clean slate and move throughout my day as if it's a meditation. When I do this I am very aware of Spirit’s help in my life. How many times have I received just what I needed either when I needed it or before?

So many people stroll through their lives unconsciously complaining about what isn't working and keep drawing more of the same into their lives. So many people are addicted to oracle cards that they start their day with, myself included. I must have over 40 decks and I love them all. What if you could be the detective in your life and be an investigator about your surroundings? Ask yourself if my surroundings were an oracle what would they be telling me? What signs or signals am I getting? What is Spirit trying to tell me? Look for the hidden messages through the people you meet in your day, even the brief encounters you have. It may be someone in the grocery store that says a one-liner to you. Remember that Spirit works through people, animals, billboards, flyers, cars, and things breaking down in your house are all signs.

Start to interpret your own signs. What do they mean to you? That's what's most important? It is only you that know how Spirit works with you, so trust your intuition!

Before bedtime set your intention to make the next day an oracle day. Ask Spirit to move through your day and work through all the people you may come across for a message. Also, ask for everything that is a message to stand out to you, because you don't want to miss out on anything. Then jot down what crosses your path, what to notice, and how your day flows. Pay attention to who calls you that day, what appointments to may have, and the outcomes you notice. By seeing your life as an oracle you get direct messages and it's up to you how you interpret them. Have fun with it!

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