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The Restorativeness of Silence

It's human nature to want to fill any free time we have with something else. There are few people who can easily just sit and be without doing something or feeling guilty that their wasting time. We always want to fill the void, get distracted, or jump to doing something. What if there was nothing to do but to just be. When I really think about it, I think everyone is afraid to get inside their deep self. What if we stopped all the mindless chatter? What if we shut off all the electronics always seeming to run in the background? What if we shut the music off? It may seem really weird at first since we are not used to the quiet, but what would happen I wonder after enough time has gone by?

For some, they may not be able to imagine what that would look or feel like. This could be a big re-set. You would have to decide for yourself if you could do it for just an hour, a day, a week, or even longer. It may be such a stretch, but the effects could be incredible. At first, it may be hard to quiet your mind because the ego will try to tell you that it's stupid and nothings happening. Just acknowledge that the ego voice has something to say and move on. Eventually, it will shift like meditation and you will be able to be in more of the stillness. In time, if you continue you will notice the silence gets easier. If you live with others, it can be more challenging. You may have to seek out a quiet room in the house and put a sign on the door.

I imagine some of the results to be clearer minds, nervous system resets, calmness, and your mind working at optimal efficiency. I have been doing this daily with an hour of meditation in the am and pm. I crave doing it for an entire week, but for right now this will have to do. It’s a starting point. I’m challenging you to try it this week and see if you can see the beauty in the silence. Shhhhhhh!


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