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The Quiet Before The Storm

We’re in a pause point in our lives and in our history. Take inventory dear ones, because nothing will remain the same. Once we took certain things for granted, all our freedom to do whatever we wanted such as go to a movie, eat out, or even shop whenever we chose to - those days are gone. We are in a lull point at the moment, so appreciate the pause or the quiet before the storm. In the past, it was just a matter of time after some earth change or challenge before things went back to usual. That will never happen again. It’s not supposed to happen. We are in a time of monumental change. We are witnessing history folks. I believe that no one really knows the” how’s”, of how it will all play out. We are all contributors to this game of life.

This Summer there has been a lot of astrological forces adding to the mix and there are more eclipses coming in August along with Mars shifting into Aires. Not the easiest configuration. We will continue to learn that we have to empty out in order to really grow as a collective. Letting go of the past beliefs we thought we were so sure that we were right about. We were all wrong about something. All I know is that we need to be better prepared for what will follow. Time to get our bodies and minds in shape, and to form a tighter connection with your spiritual side, whatever that is. We read about this time coming when the old foundations would start to crumble, and here we are. It’s ok to be unsure of where you are going or what’s next, but don’t let the fear stop you from re-creating a new you and a new way of going through your life. If we look at this time as a time of excitement, then it can all be good. Rise up! I believe that it will be one thing after another until we are able to move beyond the changes and learn to coast and shift in the moment. There is a lot of good that can come out of this time if we let it. Happy shifting!


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