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The More I Think I Know

The gentle voice of spirit is always letting me know, the more I think I know, the less I know. I don’t know what it is, but in the realm of spirituality, we think we know it all. No matter how long we may have been on “the path” there is so much to learn. Even after lifetimes, we must understand we are still just getting our feet wet. All the so-called experts out there are still living, breathing human beings and that means we’re still cleaning up old programming. Don’t get me wrong, we do the best we can but allow for some fresh perspectives and don’t assume you know it all or there is only one way to get there. It’s so important for us to brain dump every once in a while, everything we know and think about a certain subject. This truly allows us space both mentally and physically to create anew. When we listen to people’s beliefs or knowledge about something we may have interest in, it can free our soul’s memory base to kick in from other times in other places. The information from our past life can astound us and can be the perfect solution that may be out of the ordinary ream of thinking. If we walk around thinking we know it all, then for sure we don’t. The discovery process can go very deep if we let it. It’s our ego that keeps making us think there is no room left for learning. It’s time to move beyond this. In this age of information, it is impossible to stay stagnant, unless that is what you want. You could live another thousand lifetimes and still not know it all. Take a new class, try a new language, see what’s out there that peaks your interest, and begin. Life is too short…….

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