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The Many Gifts of You

As this is my birthday week, I thought I would express my gratitude for the many gifts of all of you. As I reflect on my life, I am overwhelmed by the many gifts God has given me. So many times we overlook what’s going right in our lives and the support we are given every day.

I want to start by thanking Gerard first and foremost. The support I have been given by him in numerous ways that I can’t even name at this time, for the list would go on and on. For his understanding that I am dedicated to my work and has always supported me anyways. For all the unselfish acts of kindness that will go unnoticed by everyone but me, because he is too humble. I thank God for putting us together.

I thank my family that includes my kids and Gerard’s kids and my grandkids. You have taught me the gifts of unconditional love. Thanks for never judging me with things you may not have understood at the time.

To Donna, my oldest and dearest friend who has followed me always, in all ways. Thanks for your support.

To all my loyal friends and clients, you are a blessing in my life. You have followed me from Angelica of The Angels to Earth Window, to Mantic Arts Center, to Quantum Life, to finally Brenda Edwards. I have seen you all grow and start by planting a seed and watching that grow into a beautiful tree. You have trusted me with your hearts and souls. You have invited me into your lives. We have shared the joys and the sorrows together and I am proud to call all of you my friends.

To my fellow mediums; Anne, Sandy, Shira, Janet, Gary, Maika, Lynette, Carola, Robbyne, Tina, Kim, Kathleen, Karen, Kathi, Jeff, Kim, Alvernia, Andrea, Jessie and anyone I may have forgotten at the moment, but not in my heart. A big thank you for all your encouragement, love, and support.

For all of you that have supported me to do what I do every day behind the scenes, a huge thank you!

Thanks, Diane and Garrett!

Thank you Ben for everything. You are my buddy, confidante, and people greeter. You make me laugh every day and love me conditionally.

To Spirit, my Angels, Guides, Master Teachers, and team. Thank you for the opportunity to do what I do every day. This lifetime has brought me so much growth.

Let me be an instrument of love, an example of healing energy, and let me become the teacher you wish me to be.

Thank You All!

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