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The Magic Genie

What if there really was a magic Genie that pops up out of a bottle and grants you three wishes? What if you could believe it was that easy? For me, I always have believed in Miracles. I have always had an extraordinary amount of faith. This is how I live my life.

For some of you, this may seem airy-fairy and hard to believe. I believe that the magic Genie lives inside each one of us as part of our divine nature. Thank God, we have a bigger part of ourselves that is overseeing the whole process! The biggest difficulty is getting clear on what you really want. On one day the Genie says, "I'll give you this" and on the next day it's changed and you want that. This is truly the problem with manifestation. It's not that you can't manifest, it's that you keep changing your mind.

I suggest you be aware of the magic bottle and the Genie. Every day you must watch your thoughts, for thoughts feed the Genie good, or bad. You don't want to cancel out all the wonderful possibilities by being negative. Nurture your dreams by taking an action step towards them, however small it may be. When you do this for awhile, the bottle seems to have weight to it in a good way. You can start to feel your dream.

Positivity and control over any thoughts, words or deeds will feed your Genie and keep her moving towards you. The three wishes are big, empowering wishes, so don't waste them on simple things. Focus on three main things you would like to be, do, have or create in your life. Save a wish for each of these. Once you're clear, just keep moving and harness your energy and then the Magic really happens when it starts coming back to you. You will feel like a child on Christmas morning opening your gifts. Try it!

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