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The Element of Play

So, all this time I've been working my tail off doing my service work, I was just told by spirit that I am to focus on play. Whaaaaaat? Play, what's that? It's been so long for me. I used to feel that way about Zumba. It provided staying in the moment so I didn't miss any steps, letting the music carry me away, and the benefit of exercise disguised as dancing. I was kind of forced to stop because of my hip thing, at least for now, and I miss it terribly.

Spirit shared that my clients are all caregivers too, and don't take time for themselves. I'm supposed to set an example for all of you. We need to make time for our self-care and play. Whatever lets your spirit rest and be free is considered to be play. Whether it's fishing, walking, yoga, creative expression, or even exercise (if that's your thing) make the time and just do it! We should be just as passionate about play as anything else.

Have you ever noticed that scheduling play can be such a pain? We will always kick ourselves to the curb first when in reality we should be at the top of the list. No exceptions! I wonder why most people don't find value in taking care of themselves? Maybe it was something modeled by our parents. That they needed to be busy every minute of every day. Well, I guess this is a new time and a new place and it's never too late to remember how to play.

I have been putting myself on my schedule at the beginning of my day to meditate, exercise, and pull my cards for a few months now so I guess I am on the right track. I must have received the inner plains memo first. I challenge all of you to revisit your time and your schedule and ask yourself if you have time scheduled for self-care and the element of play. If not, adjust it and never give up on holding space for you. After all, we owe it to ourselves and everyone else in our life. This way we have the energy to deal with anything that is thrown our way. Make it happen today!


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