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The 3 P’s That Will Move You Forward

There is a certain energy that some words carry that inspire you. The 3 P’s as I call them, are passion, purpose, and possibilities. All of these words uplift us as we think about them. Passion is defined by Merrimack-Webster as, “A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.” I love that word and everything it suggests. When I think about what gets me out of bed in the morning and what brings me life, it’s what my purpose is. Now you can attach your passion to a person you love, or to something else, but all those people may die or move on. When I define to myself what true passion is, it’s something that makes me feel uplifted and stirs excitement in my soul. Passion really is an inside job, although many might think differently.

Purpose is defined by what I choose to do with the energy that gets me out of bed in the morning. Sometimes we think our purpose has to be something so grand that the Angels on high have to come announce it to the world. Not true. At times someone's purpose is demonstrated quietly in the shadows of others. Parents that assist their children to be something wonderful is truly a purpose. Thought of in another way, we can say we’re living on purpose. That means we’re giving thought to what we feel is important. It’s always for some bettering or cause. People often say they would do it for free because they love what they do and may not consider it work.

Possibilities are different paths we can take as we align with the vibration or energetic blueprint of what we want. All possibilities exist and so it’s up to us to choose. They all play out in different scenarios. When you’ve had enough playing out one, you may choose a different one. One moves you up the vibrational scale and one moves you down. How we determine which way we move is based on feelings and thoughts. Although it sounds simple enough, many get stuck here. When you have beat yourself up enough on the low end of the scale, then by default you will choose again and again. We call this life experience.

We can take these three words and take our passion that excites us, discover our purpose, and pick the best possibilities we would like to engage in, generate the best feelings that move us forward and be clear without thinking. Stay the course, always with your eye on the goal, take action everyday, and enjoy the journey.

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