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The 12/12 Gateway

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Since 11/11, we are still moving through the energies and integrating all the light that has landed on the planet and into our lives. We continue to clear out our primal fears and are moving away from all the mind control and emotional influences. The 11/11 energies were a powerful gateway and I believe we won't know the full effects of it for months to come.

The 12/12 Gateway will arrive on December 12th and is full of intense energies and light.

It also falls on the Gemini Full Moon and is packed with yet even more light of the Christed energy. With this year being a 12 year (adding up 2 & 0 & 1 & 9= 12), it shines even more power and a call for those still sleeping to wake up!

Along with this light, the number 12 signifies that we need to awaken and be ready for rapid growth and change. On 12/12, the number is a secret code for the cosmic portals to open and we must start aligning with them to be of assistance for the earth and her transition to higher states. On this day we can align to higher states of consciousness. As this day is filled with possibilities, it is a great day for doing a manifestation ritual. Ideally, quiet your mind and meditate first. Ask to be of assistance to aiding in the shifting of the collective consciousness. Then light a candle or say a prayer and do whatever you are guided to do for yourself and the collective. Don’t waste the energy of this day because 12/12 can be a call for unity and harmony on this planet of ours.

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