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What story are you telling yourself and others? So many people are stuck in a story of the past that no longer serves them. Although the story may be true, is it worth reliving it over and over again? Remember, every word holds a vibration that delivers an outcome to us. Many hold the story very close to their heart as a way to justify the trauma, grief, blame, shame, and everything else we had to feel as a result of that story. I do understand that people hold on as a way to hopefully find justice or make something right that was never healed but there comes a time to just let it all go.

Your story, and what you believe gets pulled out of the Quantum field. Your thoughts, words, and actions are always a match for what comes back, no exception! You do have a choice of the vibratory matches that come back to you. Knowing this, why do we still hold onto the old story? Wouldn't you want to create a brand-new story based on who you want to be and the life you want, not the life you want to leave behind?

Vibrations never lie. We want to tell the story that best supports us and what we would love.

We are all trying to ascend, and we can't do it by dragging our unresolved past around with us. We need to transcend and learn to stay present and be here now. If one is focused in the present, then we have no use to keep going back into the past. The goal is to build a path toward coherence. If we’re mindful of our vibration, then we can stay balanced and be in a place of coherence from moment to moment.

Sometimes we don't realize the power of language and the energies they carry. We have learned that our DNA responds to language. If we can shift DNA with our words and energies, how powerful is that? Even with the work done with discovering the power of water and the imprinting of our words, we now know that if we choose higher vibrational words they show up under a microscope as coherent.

This should be enough for all of us to now know better. Sometimes when you're trying to manifest and nothing is happening, check in with yourself and see if you have been stuck in a story or using negative words, start to do cleanup, and watch what happens. Even using the F word in your everyday talk can create delays in manifesting because of the low vibration it holds and how it was always used negatively. So, stop and think before you speak and don't let these old habits hold you back or delay to from creating the life you would love!

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