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Stepping Into Greatness

As we gently approach the end of this year and review what has been accomplished in our lives, it’s important to acknowledge what greatness you have stepped into this year. Greatness is so different for every one of us. To determine this we have to start by looking at our values. What do we value? What's most important to us? What makes our heart sing? For some, being a great mom is greatness. For others, accomplishing a business goal is it. When we sit long enough to be still and see what's most important to us we can come up with our answers. At the end of the year, I always look at where I came from over the past year. What did I accomplish? The small wins and the big ones. Was my life wheel in balance? What did I give to myself and others? Once I have my answers, I stretch myself a little more as I think about next year. The following are some good ways to think about it:

What did I do for my family that gave more of me this year?

What did I do for myself that made my life easier or represented better self-care?

How did I give of myself this year either for tithing, volunteering, or spending time with someone who needed me?

How was I An example of unconditional love?

What relationships did I nurture?

Was I always there for my primary relationship? How?

In what ways did I take care of my body?

In what ways did I grow my business world?

How did I increase my revenue?

What dreams did I accomplish?

What were my challenges and how did I get through them?

How was I resilient? What inner resource did I use?

Where did I fall short?

What can I let go of?

Where do I need to forgive?

Where do I feel I stepped into my greatness?

Once you have answered these questions you can look at where you want to go this year. Where do you want to improve or challenge yourself? It's important to remember that greatness is for you to define. It's really a personal journey. At the end of your life, you want to feel good about what you have achieved, given, experienced, or created.

Your list may be way different than everyone else’s list. That's the point!

Start to make time for your review and don't be afraid to stretch into your greatness in 2024!

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