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Stages Of Grief

As we continue looking at trauma we need to look at grief as it is a form of trauma. It is important to look at the different stages of grief. These are the stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Denial is where we want to stay in an unrealistic state. We heard the news, we got the diagnosis, our partner asked for the divorce, we lost the job, our partner died. This is when we don’t want to accept the truth, we can’t face it, or it better serves us to stay numb or in the zone. I just can’t deal with this! How could this happen to me?

Then we move into anger. We realize the problem isn’t going away and we blame others, even God for what has happened. The anger keeps building into a rage that keeps pushing people we love away. I just want to be miserable and I want everyone else to be as well. This is where people can really stay stuck.

Bargaining is where people say if only I had another chance I would———-.

If only I had more time I would———-. If they can heal I will do anything.

Depression isn’t easy. People can get lost in this one. Some can’t even get out of bed in the morning. This can be the worst stage because depression has no energy or vibration to create. Even anger is better than depression because it moves energy.

Last comes acceptance. That’s when we truly surrender to what is. We have no choice because  they’re not coming back. It’s real. I have to find a way to go on.

As you can see we’re so affected on so many levels of grief. If you are going through some kind of grief, ask yourself what stage you are in. Allow yourself to consciously move through these stages as you can. For some it takes longer than others. You really can’t compare yourself to anyone. Don’t let anyone tell you when you should be over it.

You will know, but there comes a time when you will know that it is uncomfortable to keep telling the story over and over again. That’s your sign to move on. We are always grieving over one thing or another. Some grieving is worse than others. Keep clearing away the stuck energy in your body so you can magnetically attract new experiences in your life.

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