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Spring Returns

Happy Spring Equinox! Today ushers in the end of Winter, and the beginning of the Spring season at 11:33 am EST. It's a time that brings joy back to everyone’s faces. Although this year the winter months seemed to fly by, I’m sure we're all super excited to experience yet another turning of the wheel.

As smiles return to the faces of everyone thinking of what spring brings - bike rides, cleaning out, getting outside, beautiful weather, planting gardens, and the end to flu season. Yay!

It’s a great time to launch creative projects that have been bouncing around in your head all winter. Did you want to organize your environment better, or are you ready to launch that new course? Just do it!

Spring also reminds us that nature is making a shift as well. In some locations, the changes were brutal this winter. Let's remember to lend a hand and help nature when we can. What can you do to add to the care and feeding of nature? After all, it’s been through as many shifts and changes as we have been over the last few years. When we think of all the damage that has been done all over from coast to coast, it's our duty to give back in any way we can. Transplant your plants, clean up around the trees, pick up trash around your street, or do anything else you can do to assist.

As Gaia is always taking care of us in so many ways, it's our duty to give back, and spring is a perfect time. If we get a jump start on our list for the inside and outside, think of all the fun we can have before we turn the wheel again. Enjoy this power day!

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