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Spirit Helpers Abound

Although we may have those times of feeling lonely, isolated, and just plain empty

it’s important to know we’re always surrounded by the helpers Spirit sends us. They may be invisible to most, but if you quiet yourself you will feel them surrounding us in a cocoon of pure vibrant light. Do you really think that we could make this shift alone? Wake up people! We’re not alone, never have been alone, and will never be alone. There has to be someone overseeing all of this. As we look at the earth we can see how humanity has really damaged her. Are they going to let us do more damage? Perhaps.

We do have free will and so it will play out as it needs to, but through prayer and calling the Angels, and Master teachers, and guides in, you are requesting them to come closer and help through each of you. Anytime you are having a bad day or just can’t seem to stay uplifted, call in the Sacred Heart energy and go to your heart. Imagine you’re going inside of it. You’ll see there are many chambers to the Sacred Heart. It’s there you can feel safe, loved, and protected. You may even see Jesus or other guides you need to commune with. This is a protected place. No one can interfere with it. It’s my first go to when the world looks or feels like a cold, dark place. You will find comfort here and may let your spirit helpers come in and offer them up your worries on the altar of this inner sanctuary. This is a place to truly let go and re-set. You may hear in the quiet whispers of your heart, remember who you are.

Remember that these spirit helpers need us as much as we need them. We’re their hands and feet. Make contact with whatever realm you feel most connected with and ask for assistance for yourself and for the world at large. If everyone remembered to do this daily, even more legions of light would appear. So do your part and remember to thank them for their service. I want to thank YOU in advance for your contribution at this time. Let’s keep the energy of this going like one of those chain prayers and see how energetically far it travels. Thank You!

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